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Peter Shim is one of Trinidad’s most sought after artists both locally and internationally. As one of Cazabon’s descendants, it is no surprise that he has such incredible talent. All his life he has worked with the arts, dabbling in many mediums including pen, watercolour, oil, acrylic and pencil. He is best known for his paintings of beautiful bamboo scenes, cocoa plantations and estate houses, as well as his very intricate pen drawings of estate homes.

His first formal showing of his paintings began in 1992 and, as a result, sold out of his paintings for many consecutive years. Peter is a very detail oriented and meticulous man and his art reflects such. Every leaf, every pebble, every minute detail is carefully put onto canvas. As his paintings are so detailed they are not common or produced frequently, making his art even more sought after due to its rarity.

Peter has not only dealt with paint, pencils and pens but has crafted leather bags and belts as a young man working for Hannah Janourah. He has free-lanced and worked as a graphic artist and illustrator for several advertising companies, including Creative Advertising, for many years.

His art has appeared in a number of books published in Trinidad, including:

  • “The Old Estate Houses” (pen drawings) produced by Paria Publishing.
  • “The Book of Trinidad” produced by Paria Publishing,
  • “Folklore and Legend” produced by Paria Publishing
  • “The Map of Tobago” produced by Paria Publishing,
  • “From Colonial to Republic” (for Republic Bank) produced by Paria Publishing,
  • “A Rada Community” by Andrew Carr,
  • “Cedulants and Capitulants” by Carl C. Campbell,
  • “Seven Slaves and Slavery in Trinidad” by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S. Sp.,
  • “Eight East Indian Immigrants” by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S. Sp.,
  • “Seven Slaves and Slavery in Trinidad 1777 – 1838″ by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S. Sp.,
  • “The de Verteuils of Trinidad” by Anthony de Verteuil, C.S. Sp.

He is not only known for his art in a visual sense but he has moonlighted as a musician and played in bands such as:

  • Chandelier
  • Taxi (one of T&T’s legendary bands well known for their song “Soki Soki”)
  • Joshua (heavy metal/rock)
  • Minds Eye
  • Joey & Friends
  • T&T’s Bicentennial Steel Orchestra

….just to name a few.

He plays the drums, guitar and the bass and is heavily admired by many aspiring and established musicians alike. Peter has recently taken a heavy interest in writing and creating his own music, and has received heavy praise and positive feedback from friends and strangers. Some of his personal music can be heard on local radio!

Through the years he has raced motorcycle / participated in motor-cross, surfed and cycled.

Peter Shim is a multi-talented man, who has gained respect locally and internationally throughout the years for his art and music, and is admired by persons of all ages. A role model for the aspiring artists and musicians of Trinidad & Tobago.